There has never been such a blasphemic, anti-american movie as the 2007 production of Uwe Boll, titled “Postal“.

A poor jobless guy who is married to the American dream – living in a trailer park with his adorable 600-pound-wife – is looking for a job. The only thing he gets is more of the American dream, namely working for a relentless company that keeps its slaves typying and calculating on strictly aligned little tables while singing the company hymn.

Through that, he decides to join his uncle, who successfully created a scientology-hippie hybrid cult that adores their sexually highly active leader, prophet and god. The IRS is not far from uncovering some tax frauds of the cult, and as the Taliban become involved, the world gets out of hand.


If you are a mother, nurse, politically correct or psychologically sane … then don’t watch this movie, you don’t want to get screwed up. Mom, if you read this, this applies to you too: Better watch Gandhi another time.
Uwe Boll seems to use the Hitchcock-tactic of first becoming a famous director to then prove the own acting skills by starring in short roles somewhere during the movie. Mr. Boll has, adding to the shock effect of this movie, a bigger gap between his teeth than me or Arnie Governator.

Postal is full of blood, corpses, Nazis, rednecks and trailers, terrorists, pitch black dark humor, Osama, George W. Bush, Uwe Boll and a lot of hot, half-naked chicks. I sense that by mentioning the latter I got your full attention, dear male reader. Yes, you are going to see tits. Yes, you are going to see stuff that you were forbidden to see before you turned 25 and moved out of your parents’ place. You are going to see Uwe Boll at his best. And European prejudices of American culture at its climax. If you liked Team America: World Police, then you are going to melt in love for Postal. It has the same Southpark-ish humor which shows no respect for anything whatsoever.

These infidels at seriously rated this movie with 4/10 stars, but simply the sex scenes with this wobbly monster of a wife are worth seven out of ten stars. Adding the Nazi-midget scene, we reach 8.6 stars on a scale from 0 to 10. This may be the perfect next Christmas present for the 96-year old woman that you just married – if you want to cash out pretty soon and move to the Bahamas.

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