Yukkunn’s movie screening in our apartment. Note the shoes on top of the window.

Our apartment consists of an Austrian Holocaust Memorial Servant and general artist (a title that seems to not be a possible company to the first one), two Frenchmen who are sport fanatics and full of wine, cheese and baguette, and to the last a Japanese who cooks rice like a whole village in India and makes movies.

Camouflaging his movie screening as a house party, Yukkunn successfully tricked us into the living room and set up the TV. The movie is one of these alternative ones which I sometimes believe I just don’t have the brain or patience for – I never get the point. Doesn’t matter, the colors are great, and the still life compositions seen in the beginning, alignments of candles, Mexican fruits and vegetables of various shades and tints, are undoubtly great. There is a phrase he says somewhere in the movie:

Twenty-six years ago, I got my ticket for life.

Some people say, life sucks. Other people say, Disneyland sucks. Life is like Disneyland, but you get the ticket for free.



The house party dies down at twelve o’ clock, but I can say proudly that I made the best out of this time.
Note that the underlying writing is supposed to be pronounced in a pretty flat way, and is the western letter writing of Japanese words. If you try this on a girl, I take no guarantee for the future of your family planning, as your reproduction organs may be chopped into pieces by a Katana in an instant.


  • Ohio.
    Good Morning.
  • Ohio Gosei mas.
    Have a very good morning (polite & politically correct)
  • Ko Nichi Wa!
    Good day.
  • Ko Ma Wa!
    Good evening.
  • Ye ra so mi.
    Good night.
  • Ya ra selo!
    I’m going to fuck you.
  • Kawaii!
    You are cute. (that’s for cowards)
  • Kiero!!
    bye-bye (commonly used by a woman if your sophisticated pickup lines didn’t work on her)
  • Ore no chinko na mete!
    My-penis-you lick please (note the politeness in this sentence)
  • Chin-chin
    Pipi(word used by children who don’t want to say the P-word that ends with -enis)

One more case where a little notebook can save lives (or a dying party).  The party nearly over, suddenly two couchsurfers come in and I fall into a sophisticated discussion ranging from the middle eastern conflict all the way to global warming and get to go to bed at five o’clock.

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