It’s cold as hell outside, but in the North American society you just have to take advantage of any kind of circumstance, so why not extremely cold weather. It is like a computer game, like an everyday adventure: Will I survive the next 24 hours? Will I be eaten by wolves, moose, or Sarah Palin? Will I dissolve in the acidy salt on the street, how about my designer shoes and designer jeans?

Well, Montrealais are notorious for being kind-of resistant against cold weather or simply making the best  out of it..:

  • Nearly every park in the city transforms into a charge-free ice skating ring – it is so cold that even parts of the rivers around Montreal freeze, so no wonder that the little ponds in the downtown green areas are frozen. The city flattens them to create skating rings, and I would like to note that again: charge free.
  • To avoid having petite girls collapse dead in the street, struck by the cold air and the weight of their shopping bags, there is a humongous downtown down-under underground city located a couple of meters under street level. A giantic web of interconnected shopping malls and subways stations… pretty damn impressive, and prepared for any fashion fetishist invasion.
  • The body warmth effect: When you are close to someone, you will feel warmer. The daily mass of people in the subways during the winter – not everybody wants to ruin his car with aggressive salt on the street – reminds me of group cuddeling (which I of course never took part in, eww).

And last but not least: The igloofest, which I saw this weekend from a photographic side. Last time when I was there, I needed to dance and would stay there for nearly four hours at minus 22 degrees. This time, I had to go warm myself up every 20 minutes and stayed for less than two hours – taking pictures is not physically active enough to keep you warm.

The warmup hall, somewhere at 15+ degrees feeling like an oven.

Downtown Montreal as seen from the docks

Those little LEDs could display any color – like a TV screen!

Hot Chocolate? Beer? Mon dieu!

Burning witches gives warmth to everyone – a wise saying from medieval times.

All that is ice, except for the lights. Who has ever seen an ice chandelier?

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