… and this time with pictures that Naomi took. Chris and me received great feedback from the students after our recent presentation, which was the second part of the presentation from last week. It makes me absolutely proud to hear the student’s compliments and I’m excited to see that they showed such a great interest in our topic.
The PowerPoint presentation underwent a great deal of change and development during the last months, and I can rely on the tools and abilities I built in the Museum of Tolerance
For some reason, I had the strong urge to imagine myself as a history teacher; seeing fascinated faces of clever kids gives me a great feeling of enriching the world, educating children overseas about the mistakes my country made and the lessons we learnt (or did not learn).
A history teacher in my world should be a great story teller whose stories all happen to be true. Like a grandpa reading books to his grandchildren in front of the fireplace.

In the classroom of F.A.C.E high school, with kids whose first language is French.


Besides from my teachery ambitions, living situation in our apartment changed again; Jenny and Sandra moved out and are currently in Buenos Aires, starting a backpacking-working-holiday adventure through South America. My new roommates name is Clement, and he looks like Michka, laughs like Michka and has the same graphic way to describe things in a language he doesn’t know that well… and he happens to be Michka’s brother.

There are two reasons that I didn’t post that much in the last week: A long distance relationship, and the search for work in Los Angeles. More about that in the next posting.

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