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“When God Loses Hope” is a political satire and thriller, produced in 2008 by Greenviolence Films, directed by Al Gore, namesake of the famous politician and environmental guru. It is being released at the 19th of January 2009 in the Unites States, Canada, Great Britain and Australia.



United States of America, 2012: Alaskan Governator Sierra “Maverick” Nalin (Lisa Lockheeed) becomes elected as U.S. president. Fanatic Catholic laws take over a once democratic country: Abortion is made illegal, premarital sex or adultery is punished with good ol’ stoning, and Sunday church becomes a patriotic requirement. Due to the fact that moose, and animal hunting in general, became highly popular, paramilitary rifle organizations have taken over the role of police officers. The oil lobby gains enormous power, and environmental organizations are forced to shut down in order to make place for new oil projects all over the country.
A third of new born babies are the result of unwanted pregnancies because abortions are now against the law. Orphanages and foster homes get so flooded with infants that they have to transfer children to Canada and Mexico.
A world at edge. God pissed. A hero needed.

Roger Grooms (George Ferris), a university student pothead who works part-time as a nurse in a sleepy retirement village named “Endingville” in Wisconsin, feels his world is untouched by the new political changes. It isnโ€™t until chubby Heather (Michaela Moore), his friend with benefits for times when he gets no other girls, showed him a positive pregnancy test.
The next day an environmentalist demonstration marshes through Rogers workplace and unknowingly crashes into a rifle association squadron which is there for the same reason: Winning over the elderly people for their cause. A brutal fight starts amidst the elderly Endingville retirees, the environmentalists and the rifle association. Roger meets one of the environmentalist leaders, Jack Person (Billy Bob Thompson).

Jack introduces him to the underground atheist anti-Nalin-policy organization “MILF Hunters”.
Deeply involved in the MILF hunting mission, Roger becomes dedicated to change the new legislation by altering its religious foundation – and there is only one place on Earth where he can do that: The Vatican.
Unfortunately, President Nalin happens to be there too…


“An extraordinary political thriller” -Rob Royston, London Film Journal

“Literally scared the crap out of me” -Marc Tanners, New York Freedom News

“Depressing utopia meets hilarious nonsense slapstick” -Paul Stark, Melbourne Cinemascope

“Dim-witted humor, scandalous ” –Harry Herbert, Republican Society of Voters for Presidents

“Revolting, to be stored in a trashcan” –Berry White, Alaskan Republican Journa




Actors: George Ferris, Michaela Moore, Billy Bob Thompson
Al Gore
Production: Greenviolence Films
Studio: Chill Bros. Pictures
Release Date: 19 January (US, CA, GB, AU)
Run Time: 114min.

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