Somewhere in Beverly Hills, around Fairfax Avenue – where I used to live for two weeks in a hostel – is a huge parking construction, bordering on a splendid shopping center, called The Grove. Similar to the Americana, but smaller. Its cute attempt to imitate European, edgy and unplanned downtown shopping alleys is pretty successful; the Grove definitely has a full-time demand of its customers.
Lorena and me park on the highest level available, since we realized the possible beauty of a view that we encountered that one meaningful sunset. It is one of our typical shopping trips – Lorena telling me what would look good on me, me trying on that stuff in front of her, and then abandoning 90% of the silkwear due to too high cost.
This time tough, one shirt convinces me and I wear it right away. Actually, Lorena and me were dressed up before, she indeed dressed up, and I in jeans, shirt and tie. We were about to go to an award, but could not get two tickets, so we went in the same attire that we would have worn to The Grove.
We see: Another beautiful swimming session of the sun in the sea of smog (which comes gradually back with the warm weather)…


…exquisit hats for the winter season (my bald head requires some additional insulation before all the warmth produced by brain activity vanishes into the outer space)…


…and again a circular fountain with a profound water show.

A sticker store where you can spend hundreds of dollars in action figure stickers, Disney stickers, car stickers and so on…


…and a store only made for hot sauces, and to my delightment also carrying “The Source” – the remarkedly “hottest sauce on earth”. In its nature it comes pretty close to a strong acid – one drop directly on your tongue and you can finally forget about the painful process of getting a hole made for a piercing; the source will do this service for no charge. Well, unfortunately, a couple of mililiters of The Source cost 129$ in this store. Let me give you a little insight in hotness of spices: There is a unit called Scoville, which measures the spicyness of a certain product.
Start off with 500 Scoville for a Pepperoncini, go ahead with medium Tabasco sauce at 5,000 Scoville, and at some point you’ll hit The Source with 7.1 million Scoville of spicyness.
For all our lovebirds – the grove is good for taking a girl on a shopping date.
When we are about to get into the car again, Lorena drags me to a kind of balcony that oversees the central plaza.
Not just that, it is also directly above a walkway and as I look down on the people passing by, a water drop spirals downwards six stories before hitting the ground.
“Let’s spit on the pedestrians!”
Just five minutes in the artificial rain business, Lorena exclaims “I think this policeman just saw us!”, and we grab each other like partners in crime and make a run for it. How much I love this girl for her craziness.

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