We meet Eurie for a Sushi in Westwood after the first day of school after the enormously long winter break. The two girls are totally into Sushi, I’d prefer dry bread to raw fish. Fortunately, this Sushi place also offers a bowl full of candy at the front desk. And chicken on the menu.
To even out our cultural variety and extend the taste confusion – eating Japanese food and paying with American dollars – we go to catch something German. At least the name of this place sounds pretty German: Diddy Riese. Probably his name was Dietrich, and people got a clogged throat from saying the CH-sound, so they just started calling Ditrich Diddy. His idea is riesig: Two large cookies with ice cream in the middle. You can have brown cookies, cookies with chocolate chips, with M&Ms, combined with strawberry, chocolate-coffe, mint-chocolate, strawberry-cheesecake and so on. The best thing: One ice cream cookie sandwhich costs 1,50$.

As we wait in line – this place always has a line of at least ten people in front of it -, Lorena gets into a foodfight with me, looses and finally ends up curling up on the sidewalk with a face full of frozen joghurt. As we leave Diddy Riese again, I see a sky so splendid and beautiful as seldom. In a maniac attack of euphoria, a photographer is unstoppable like the hair loss of men in their midlife crisis; and the same way the white color eats from the sides to the top, I ran through westwood and rushed up the stairs of the parking lot we parked our cars on.


In General, since 9/11 it is completely impossible to visit the top floors of skyscrapers in the US, apart from attractions like the Rockerfeller center where you pay 20$ for a nice little elevator ride. The cheap version for everybody who likes to be on top, the last refugee for skyscape photographers, are those boxy, hollow buildings called parking structures. You can all walk them up without passing security controls, and since they are very flat, they give you a gorgeous option to overlook the city.


After a while I start taking group photographs, and end up having those two brats posing on the rooftop of shamu shuttle. Probably that happens because I am bald.

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