Ich verbrauche jede Woche ca. 2 volle Tankfuellungen. LA versinkt in der Smogsuppe, und keiner kommt, um sie auszuloeffeln. Im Museum trinken wir aus Styroporbechern, und kein Sack schert sich drum, eine Recyclingbox aufzustellen. Das Leitungswasser schmeckt nach Chlor, und das Wetter laesst Waldbraende und Erdbeben auf sich warten – ein Nachruf, obwohl Fraeulein Natur noch am Leben ist…:

by Joshua Hall (Uncle Fester)

When it comes to our treatment of this planet, I doubt we will ever get our deposit back. In case you have missed all the wretched news, let me take the time to summarize:

1. The earth is about a week and a half from destruction. Scientists are divided and none are sure of the causes. In a recent report in Scientific American Magazine covering the 2007 assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, (IPCC), scientists are confident that humans have interfered with the climate and more human-induced climate change is on the way. In other words further climatic change is now inevidentable especially considering that the principal driver of recent climate change is greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, primarily the burning of fossil fuels.(coal, oil, natural gas, etc.)

2. If we all were to act responsibly the Earth will be fresh and pure, and then it will continue killing us with earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, mud slides, and untold large caliber rocks from the black abyss of space.

3. In order to make sure you do not hurt the earth any more than you already
have, it is probably best if the human race dies off at the earliest possible opportunity.

You are probably taken aback somewhat on the third point. This is typical. It is just the same selfish instinct that has gotten us in trouble in the first place.
If you have a pressing reason for sticking around, you can at least make a few sacrifices. And I don’t mean feeding Aunt Sophia to the Venus flytrap. The experts say you can “GO Green”.
For instance, you can recycle: Aluminum cans come to mind. In
California, recycling Aluminum cans pays about $1.50 to $1.90 a pound. Every day Americans empty enough aluminum cans to fill a modern sports stadium thirty times over and only a fraction are recycled. Of these, 77percent have cigarette butts in them, which may explain why Pepsi tastes funkier as time goes on. ( I was wandering why nobody wants you to smoke cigarettes anymore.)

When the weather is nice, Mother Nature sleeps. When she awakens, Mother Nature congers storms and plays skittles with our town houses and trailer parks. The human race has been recklessly blowing smoke in her face for 150 years. I have a question. What do you think would happen?

Global warming will change where people will live, how they grow their food and how people will treat each other. Let’s hope and pray that Sudden Catastrophic Weather Change isn’t the method Mother Nature chooses to globally warm.(believe me that would leave a mark.

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